Monday, February 6, 2017

The Scent of Love x Jo Malone

Hey loves!

Seeing as it is the month of Love with Valentine's Day literally round the corner, I thought I'd do this post to share with you one of my favourite fragrances at the moment.

The type of scents I usually gravitate to are usually fresh, floral and with a hint of sweetness

However, once in a while, I am moved by a fragrance due to the memory attached to it. This is one of those times... 

Have you ever fallen in a love with a fragrance which reminded you of a certain person, moment, feeling or place? So much so that you have searched high and low for that fragrance?

I think its lovely how a scent can hold on to a memory just like a photograph or a letter.

This is what this Jo Malone's 'Orris & Sandalwood' fragrance does for me. This fragrance to me, means 'A love renewed'. It reminds me of the newness of love, of happiness, of peace and of contentment. 

I believe it is actually more of a men's fragrance, but who's gonna check me boo? It is a beautiful fresh yet soapy fragrance, definitely something I would naturally gravitate to...but the memories and meaning I have attached to this perfume make it so that it is now my current fave. I cannot get enough of it!

Product Details:
Jo Malone Cologne Intense in 'Oris & Sandalwood'
Price: £105 (100ml)
Notes: A very subtle scent, woody and floral (according to Jo Malone). I think it definitely has hints of a woody scent, but most importantly I think it smells more fresh (green) than sweet which I think 'floral' suggests...It's definitely a scent to try out if you're ever walking by a Jo Malone store.
Would I recommend?: Absolutely!

Do you have any fragrances that you love because they remind you of a particular moment in time? Or do you have any current fragrance favourites?

Let me know in the comments! 

Love, Kiksy



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  1. Wow, wow, you have very good taste and you chose very cool perfume. What could you advise me from this list? The thing is that I am going to make a present for my girlfriend and I want to impess her, thanks a lot!


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