Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A little treat from Debenhams & Lancome...(& a tip on buying foundations)

Hi Guys & Dolls!

I know it seems like I am forever shopping and buying new beauty products - it's true, I'm an addict, self confessed! Lol

So in THIS week's episode of 'What has Kiksy bought NOW?'

We haveeee *drumrolllllll pleaseeeee*


(Ps. what do we think of this background image for my product shoots? Do you like? Let me know!)

SO, girls, here's the tea. I walked into Debenhams on my birthday, to try to pick up the Lancome Tient Idole foundation which I have heard SO MUCH about! Literally every review i see is a positive one so i decided today is the day i bring this baby HOME! And while I was there, the ladies on the counter told me that Debenhams were having a 10% off discount on all beauty AND that if i bought two items, I would get a goodie bag!

Now - if you know me you know I love free sh*t and especially when its free MAKE UP AND SKINCARE??? So even though I did need a new eyeliner pen, I definitely didn't need one as expensive as the Lancome one, but i did it for you, for the culture and to satisfy my ridiculous need and love for make up and skin care.

So as you can see from the picture going left to right, I got my eyeliner pen, my foundation and EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE PICTURE WAS FREE!

What I got in the free gift bag:

- A Visonnaire Day Cream (suitable for combi/oily skin)
- A Visonnaire Night Cream 
- A mini mascara sample
- A full size oil-free make up remover
- A powder brush
- A blush compact (with mirror & mini brush)
- A mini pink liquid lipstick/lipgloss

I mean COME ON...that's a pretty incredible gift with purchase! Thank you Lancome & Thank you Debenhams!

I'm yet to even open these free nifty gifties just yet, so I will do a mini review on the skincare - if you guys are interested just let me know in the comments!

Tip Time!

In terms of the foundation... So, here's a tip ladies: Whenever you buy a foundation, ALWAYS ask for a sample in the shade that you bought. Take both your purchased foundation and sample home and wear the Sample! Try out the foundation sample for a few days or however long it will last you and make your decision before you commit. This way you can decide on whether or not you like the foundation in your own time. If you do, then great and you don't need to do anything except crack open that bottle of make-up crack...and if you don't you can just return it, no questions asked!

So, I did exactly the above with Lancome and I have worn the sample once and I can tell you that the foundation is B-E-A-UTIFULLLLL! It is smooth and light with a full flawless coverage. It also didn't move at all and I wore it to my birthday dinner where I danced and ate and drank and my face STAYED PUT! I'm still wearer-trialling this foundation. I think I need to wear it at least two more times before I give it a verdict out of 10. But so far, I'm impressed!

Have any of you tried the Lancome Tient Idole Foundation? What do you think? Let me know!

-xoxo, Kiksy-


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