Tuesday, June 20, 2017

MAC will always have a special place in my heart....

Some times, we can all get a bit distracted with the new and upcoming make-up brands that seem to keep propping up each day. While, I'm always interested in trying out new brands, I find myself going to back to my old faithful brands such as MAC!

MAC was the first make-up brand I ever used and really explored so it will always have a place in my heart! I find myself always going back to MAC to pick up my basics and bits for my kit. It's also nice to be able to see the new products that they have created.

So this post is dedicated to the new bits I've picked up as well replenishing my old faithfuls!

I picked up this bag of sponges for £5 for my make up  kit! I prefer using sponges to apply make face make  up instead of brushes. They give a smooth, streak free application and make blending much better and faster! I definitely prefer the triangle sponges over beauty blenders and these are a great affordable option as there are over 20 sponges in there for only a fiver! They are latex free and also great especially for make up artists - No need to clean face brushes especially if you are doing a lot of faces!

Picked up a few new bits and replaced some oldies here - My Cork lip liner had run out so i had to get a new one of my old faithful! Also had to get a new eyebrow pencil in Spiked! (Isnt it funny how you run out of your favourite things almost at the same time?) I also got a Mineralised Skin Finish powder which i realised i had never had before and i am currently LOVING! I literally wear just this, with concealer and I am good to go! Its light and wearable with a full coverage. What more could a girl want? Next i picked up a liquid lipstick in 'Feels so Grande' which i was told is like a liquid lipstick version of 'Ruby Woo' and I was sold instantly! Lastly, I got a free lipstick due to MAC's Back to MAC program (you get a free lipstick, for 6 empties) and i picked up a nude (obviously) in Peachstock - which again, I've never had before! WEIRD! Its recently become my favourite nude especially whilst worn with Cork lip liner!

What are your trusty favourites from MAC? Have you purchased anything new that you like from MAC or anything you're surprised you've never owned but recently discovered?

Let me know dolls!

-xoxo, Kiksy-


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