Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This one is for all the NUDE lovers: KKW x KYLIE COSMETICS

Hi Guys & Dolls,

I'm back againnnn! And this time I'm SO excited to share with you my latest purchase (well, no I purchased it a while a go, but it just arrived a week ago!)

Well, well, well...what can I say? This is definitely a must-have for all my nude loving ladies!

I was so excited to get my hands on this after seeing the pictures online of Kim and after watching Shayla's review on youtube. (I could care less about Kylie, but I am a HUGE fan of Kim and I love her make up so I had to pick these up).

(PS, the make-up in the photograph was done by me and photographed by my dear friend and photographer Black Crayon check him out, hes amazing!)

I actually missed the initial release, but I was first in line for the second release and I was so excited when my order went through and even more so when it finally arrived! I can't wait to play in all these shades at some point but I know already that my favourite colour will be KIMBERLY as its the only browny-nude in the set and that is my go - to!

I've heard a lot of chatter on the interwebs about this collection being too ashy for Women of Colour..but I don't believe in not being able to wear any colour or shade due to skin tone and I'll be DAMNED if I let anybody tell me what I can and cannot wear! Also, ladies; a pro tip ----- There's nothing a brown lip liner can't fix! If you're truly worried about a lipstick or a shade not working for you, especially if its a nude lipstick just line your lips with a brown lip liner and rock the life out of that lip huntyyyy!

My favourite brown lip liners are: MAC 'Cork', MAC ' Bittersweet' and Hudabeauty 'Spice Girl'

I'll be doing hand & lip swatches soon...and maybe a look so keep an eye out for that!

Have any of you purchased the set? It's gone now...but who knows, there might be another collection!

-xoxo, Kiksy-


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